Since my last post in November 2014, I have been busy constructing Hexagons for the crazy quilt  project I’m working on AND making 9 patch squares for my first ever quilt. The instructions I’m using I downloaded from the web in 2006. They are complete but if I have an issue I’ll have to research where the heck they came from. (I have done that but don’t recall exactly where they came from right this minute.)

Today I finished the twelfth square and will go on to figure out how to cut the sashing and sew it around all the squares.finished patches

Meanwhile each evening I stitch on the individual hexagons for the crazy quilt. I’ve lost a lot of my skills since I last did this kind of hand stitching so these first attempts have got a lot of mistakes.  While I’m correcting most of the glaring glitches on the pieced quilt I am leaving all the faults from this stitch relearning on the hexs.

finished hex 1 hex 2 hex 3