Soon we will be off on a 2 plus week cruise of Lake Ontario on our sailboat Watercolors. Just trying to batten down the hatches here at home before we hoist sail. Our salty dog Ernie is sitting this trip out at the Greece Stone Ridge Tal Mahal pet center. He will soon be 11 and he says he’d be just as happy snoozing stateside and passing up the anxiety ridden crossing of the lake.

Today I have been cleaning and stowing the birdbath, cleaning and emptying the fountain, and making sure that most of the gardens are watered well one last time for who knows how long.

The pie garden and the oval bed in the front yard will be receiving timed watering but the rest of the plants on this sandbar are gonna be relying on mother-nature for rain. So far this summer she’s been really stingy.

I’ll try to post updates as we visit some of our favorite haunts around the lake.Image