Just as in September, October has been a waiting game due to lots of rain: 5.5 inches thru today.  So far I’ve managed to clean and stow all of the garden decorations and have cut back about two-thirds of the perennials needing it. I’ve either taken cuttings or repotted the plants in the containers and already know that some will not survive til spring. (Oh well, nothing ventured).

I’ve not pulled the last of the swiss chard because the last stalks and leaves are so darn pretty.  Maybe next year we’ll actually eat some. Meanwhile I’m still fiddling around with the scarlet runner beans. I’ve harvested the last of the mature pods and they are drying out in the 3 season room.

scarlet runners with cooked kidney and black beans

drying scarlet runners

I’m trying to overwinter the Lysimachia I used in one the container pots.  This particular variety is said to be hardy to -15 degrees F. I put it near the furnace water-vaper exhaust.

Lysimachia 'Walkabout Sunset'

The lone holdout in a container is the Brugmansia below.  I can’t remember the variety I got in 2010 and over wintered for this year. They are always late to bloom here in western New York and true to form here’s the finale. I’ll take cuttings again but not ask Ken to lug the entire monster into the basement.

Brugmansia in October

Finally as I emptied the containers I brushed off, scraped and sanded the garden bench/planter box and repainted it.  I’m always freaked by the beauty and boldness of the periwinkle blue garden ‘stuff’ seen in the catalogs; so I got a couple of samples of paint that I thought were pretty close to periwinkle and proceeded to paint.  What do you think?

repainted garden bench

I like it so much that I’m searching around for more to paint.  Ken thinks shutters. I don’t know, it might be overkill.