The gardens here are a mess.  The stress of the heat and drought of July has caused our back garden maple to drop its leaves prematurely. So all the perennials and veggies have crumbly old maple leaves draped over them.

early leaf drop

So even if there are blooms out there they are probably gonna obscured with leaves.  A favorite of mine is the lycoris

or resurrection lilies-well-lily. It’s in the front  so not as likely to be covered in leaves. And this is only the 2nd time in 10 years that it’s bloomed. But it’s worth the wait because it just glows. I planted half a dozen bulbs last fall and even though they had a few leaves early in the spring I don’t see any sign of bloom stalks.


I love this year’s lantana. The color changes from yellow to peach to rose as it matures.

Lantana, Sunrise Rose

Along the back fence, this year I have twice the number canna I had in 2010. However none of that year’s plants bloomed. After the cloud bursts of the past weekend there’s a frond flying high above one the tallest plants. Promising, eh?

Canna frond

Also close to the back fence I planted a couple of different dahlias. They actually are not that different from each other; but pretty none the less.


Of course I have all the usual August bloomers struggling with the deluge of leaves. Let me just say that the scarlet runner beans are a joy to behold. They seem to be slow to produce beans, as are the Kentucky Wonders.  Meanwhile I’ll just enjoy the show.

Scarlet Runner Beans


As usual thanks to Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting this edition of GBBD.