Wow  it is really tough to decide whether some of these heirloom tomatoes are ripe.  I’ve had to make a chart of where each type of tomato is in the garden and make note of what color each will be when ripe. What do you think?

goose creek

These are near ripe, in fact we’ve been eating them a week now.  they are on the small side with average tomato flavor.

San marsano 2

Also ripe with a meaty body.  Good for sauce or paste but lacks the flavor of those grown in Italy.

Prudens Purple

Ripe and very attractive on the vine.  Taste is blah. Too bad.


Not quite ripe but a taste of an earlier fruit was wonderful. ( It’s green on the inside)

Black cherry

Ripe. This cherry tomato has the sweetest taste of any of the nine. It is well worth the growing and I don’t like to share it with Ernie.

Fantome Du Laos

This is a white  tomato. I picked one with these yellow shouders and a near white bottom and it was pretty tasty. I hope so because it looks to be the most proliphic of the group.

Pork chop

This one I haven’t sampled yet. The description says it’s yellowish gold with orange flecks. Soon—very soon.

Grub's Mystery Green

This is the toughest one to call. Green is green, right? Well if I press the flesh it doesn’t give much so I think they need a few more days.

I have two more varieties. There’s the currant that I thought Ernie might like and a volunteer in the asparagas bed. The currant is kind of a pain.  It spreads like wild fire and the fruits are not only very small but quite tart. This one I’ll not grow again. As for the volunteer; its behind all the others but I’m interested to see what it produces.