Two words for the month: heat and drought.  Of the two the drought was the most worrisome.   There was a paltry 1.25 inches of rain in the garden here. We were out-of-town the first ten days and rigged a sprinkler in the pie garden to a timer and moved the containers into the circle. On our return it didn’t look as if it had run correctly but at least nothing bit the dust.  As for the rest of the yard; well the 2 tiny blueberry bushes out front shriveled and died, The grass turned a deadly shade of pale and it seemed as though I could hear the flora join my fauna (Ernie) in panting.

scarlet runner blossoms

swiss chard



Back in February I thought it a great idea to choose veggies that would lend color to the garden as they grew.  It didn’t matter to me if we would actually harvest or eat any of it and indeed I paid little attention to WHAT part of the plant is edible.  The swiss chard caved to the rain in april and I got barely 3-4 plants of which the leaves are the palatable part of the plant.  But the stems!!!!  They sure are lovely.

Then there’s the scarlet runner beans. Look at those flowers! I  wish there were more.  Finally the amaranth.  They are very colorful. Both the leaves early and the seeds later can be used in the kitchen. I want those colorful leaves in my garden so I thought to harvest seeds only.  Hmmm, they need to be dried and ground into flour. I MAY get enough for a cupcake!

Coleus 1



Coleus 3

coleus 2


coleus 4 Henna





Boy I’m really happy with all the coleus I picked up this spring.  There are even a couple that I took cuttings from last fall that are growing to beat the band. I especially like ‘Henna’; maybe because, Heather, my daughter has been experimenting with henna on her hair.  But check out that perilla!  What astounding color.

As for the veggie harvest it looks as if August will be THE month for veggies.  Already I have been grabbing cukes off the vine.(there’s only the one vine). But the tomatoes and beans are getting ready to shine.

Tiny currant tomatoes with cilantro overhead


tomatoes ripening deep within the vines


Ernie's first harvest

Finally check out this dahlia.

new dahlia