This month I’ve been somewhat taken unaware because we vacationed for the first ten days of July. We set up a timer to water the pie garden and moved the containers into that circle so that they could benefit from the prearranged sprinkles.  Those beds survived without a stumble.  however the rest of  the gardens suffered greatly from the lack of water. Although we had 8 plus inches of rain in May, we had just one and a half inches in June and so far here in my backyard we’ve had zero rain in July.

The established astilbes went from bloom to seeding in that ten days. The new astilbe taquettis withered. With subsequent water they appear to live for now. Meanwhile in the front garden I lost at least one of my tiny blueberries and the other one doesn’t look too perky.

Yet I’m up for reporting the following bloomers.

dry as a bone

future cukes

dill blossoms

Tuscan sun


thanks once again to carol at may dreams garden for hosting this event.