We went cruising again this summer on Lake Ontario. We decided to follow the wind this year and sail the line of least resistance and most under sail time. The ten days turned out to be mostly motor sailing due to rough seas or little wind. And in fact we headed home early with reports of sweltering temps and little or no wind. We did most of our sailing between  CFB Trenton Yacht Club and Bay of Quinte Yacht Club.  Going east we patiently traveled at 2.5-3.5 knots.  Returning we tacked all 9 miles.  Neither trip had any frets or worries.  We were just traveling under sail.

At each of the two yacht clubs they have a very active junior sailors learning to sail program. CFB Trenton Yacht Club also hosts a program for the physically challenged of any age to learn to sail.  The young people who conduct the programs are impressive.  They have loads of patience and upbeat attitudes. Here’s a kid on his 2nd day of sailing finally coming into shore.

end of day 2

After they’ve been out on the course sailing there’s a shuffle to get each boat secured and then a chance to cool off before lunch.

securing the rig

cooling off at BOQYC

Leap into summer

Docked at BOQYC

At first we were planning to head east thru the Bay of Quinte but as time passed we began to hear forecasts of thunderstorms further east and decided that we had gone there done that last year; so we went west thru the Murray Canal and Presqu’lle Bay to Coburg. The trip after going thru the bay was excellent. It was our third opportunity to actually SAIL.  Coburg offers lots of opportunities for meals off ship, so we had lunch at Oasis. Had cold cucumber and strawberry soup with a pizzerella. Yummy. Returning to the slip we met up with the crew of Marimba. It seems we were playing tag thru the Bay of Quinte with no notion of each other’s whereabouts.

Both Marimba and Watercolors left Canada the next day.  We ended up going toward Brockport while Whitey went direct  Rochester.  NO joy, no wind That day nor on the following day for Watercolors returning to Roc cha cha.