There’s lots of stuff going on in the garden and yet somehow there has not been a lot to do. Here’s some thing cool.  Check out this wegelia I got from Penny at the 2010 swap.  It was a tiny baby last season but now it is so much bigger and has lots of flowers.

Penny’s wegeilia after one year

 It’s in a raised bed now and I plan to put it in the back hedge row, probably in the fall.

We had at least 36 hrs of windy weather starting June one ( our 48th anniversary) and it took a toll on the garden.  The combination of wind and lack of rain for 4-5 days really dried everything out and I ended up watering the pie garden seeded beds yesterday. Of course today it rained and rained.

wind results


more wind damage


It flipped the bird bath full of water

Before the winds began I mustered some energy to plant the containers for the patio. Of course the situation was the exact opposite of the ideal conditions in which to transplant.  So all the containers suffered the snaky wind storm and appear to have come through unscathed.
I put them in fancy pots this year

perilla, million bells, trailing coleus from last year


fuchsia and last year's coleus

 In addition I have the brug that I wintered over all potted up and it appears to be doing just fine.
The iris ended up blooming nearly all at the same time. When I ordered iris from a source on the web I ended up choosing  some that were really close in color and habit.  Can you tell the difference?

Edith Wolford vs Jurassic Park

Here are two more that from afar seem to be the same but on closer inspection are somewhat different. (Sorry, no names here.)

Pink Iris

Here’s the peachy Iris

More peach to me

Lastly check out the Globe Master Allium with  the generic variety in the background.

Globe master