Maybe 5-6 years ago I bought a ‘Garden in a Box’ at the local big box store.  It promised year-long color and bloom. Through the years there have been a couple of hyacinths, a  couple of tulips. Some years a bunch of the crocus bloomed early; as they will.  There were never any daffs in the mix and so few bloomers blooming irregularly that I seldom pay attention.

Lycoris 2007

 However in 2007 we came home from a cruise on Watercolors in mid to late July to the above Lycoris.
So last fall I planted 4-6 bulbs of Lycoris in the back bed.  They are up but small. These bulbs send their leaves up in the spring  and the flower stalk comes a month or so later.  So for the time being there is a display of ‘Star of Bethlehem’ in the big box garden.  I hear tell they are invasive but not here and not now.

stay of Bethlehem