transplanted on 4/23


more transplanted tomatoes (Note height)


May-day tomatoes One


may day tomatoes 2


This has finally been a weekend to attend to some early season tasks.  Chief among them is the plan to create a compost heap on the north side of the house.  Luckily we already have a gate from the backyard that leads to the narrow strip of land aside the north wall of the house.  However that gate is much the worse for wear.  We decided early on to ignore it completely and plant  not only a wisteria but also a white rambling rose that has been expanding its territory for the past 8 years.

So the task has been to relocate the rose and eliminate the Wisteria.  Then I have to excavate lots of soil to allow the gate to swing freely so we can introduce materials to the heap. So far so good.  The rose has been relegated to a spot to the right of the shed entrance. Meanwhile I wrestled with the wisteria root to get enough leeway to open the gate.Now to install a new gate and begin stirring the compost pot. 

Meanwhile inside the tomatoes continue to grow.  I finally transplanted one of each of them into six-inch pots. Happily my buddy Beryl took on 18 of the plants to keep for herself and pass on to others.It’s been a real learning process. yeah I started the seedlings way too soon.