It’s never ever to late to learn.  Last year’s tomato seedlings were a dismal failure.(Well not really because I got viable plants from every transplant.)  But they were lame looking and I hope to produce wonderful transplants equal to the offerings of the local garden centers.

So this year I started the seedlings a month early and added some more bottom heat and made sure the soil mix was adequately moist before planting the seeds. And now, a full six weeks from transplant date, here are the candidates:


omg 2



The sad truth is that I am unprepared to provide enough light to get them over the next few weeks until it’s time to go into the garden.  It’s not that I have so many but there are way too many to nurse along until the plant swap the first week in June.  You know it seems like there ought to be a market for tomato transplants this far along but most are heirlooms and don’t have the guarantees to withstand the plant diseases that may come their way.