Watercolors in Toronto

Here we go again—-cold, wet, and windy weather just when we need a break from mother nature in order to get the boat launched this spring.  April has been unrelentingly chill and blustery.  This has not been ideal conditions to clean the bottom, paint it with anti fouling paint and in addition clean the hull and apply the poly glow that protects the gel coat.  So——we need these laws to insure a smooth ‘sail’ from land to water.
Since KP is back in the work force there should be at least 2 consecutive weekends with temps in the 50’s -60’s with no wind in order to ge t the paint and poly glow applied.
There should be no need to mow the grass until after the boat is launched.
All home or work projects must be delayed until after Water Colors is at the dock.
Why are there so many overlapping “must do’s” in April and May? It really doesn’t seem to matter whether we are retired or gainfully employed.  We are always behind the power curve.