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catching up

Finally a warm day without rain with wind only beginning in the early afternoon.  Also its official—- Rochester has had greater than 5 inches of rain so far this April.  That is an all time record for the month. I put the froggie rain gauge out on the picnic table perhaps ten days ago and counted just over 5.5 inches here in Greece.

 so today I set out to get some spring projects going.  I planted the cool weather veggy seeds: sugar snap peas, onion sets, beets, radishes, swiss chard and a lettuce blend.

Since I just received my perennial order from Bluestone I put the agastache and astilbe into the back garden. And then:

 I’m planning a compost heap along the northwest side of the house so I transplanted a white climbing rose to the right of the shed doors and fiddled around with transplanting rose campion and Echinacea to clear a path thru the gate to the HEAP.  All this in 75 degree temps with high HUMIDITY.

Hey I certainly cannot complain.  My heart goes out to the folks in Arkansas etc. They are losing homes and lives. Prayers for all.

Sorry there’s no eye candy here——just ran out or energy—–

Big sigh—but

a little close

forsythia 1

Here’s a question: What’s up with the forsythia just beyond my neighbors fence? Other years they have been a wonderful harbinger of things to come.  This year not so much. So far I’ve been thinking  the sparseness of the blossoms have been the result of elderly bushes, but now I wonder. Could it be the weather?  It’s been so chilly this spring. Does that have anything to do with the spare forsythia blossoms?

tomatoes out of control

It’s never ever to late to learn.  Last year’s tomato seedlings were a dismal failure.(Well not really because I got viable plants from every transplant.)  But they were lame looking and I hope to produce wonderful transplants equal to the offerings of the local garden centers.

So this year I started the seedlings a month early and added some more bottom heat and made sure the soil mix was adequately moist before planting the seeds. And now, a full six weeks from transplant date, here are the candidates:


omg 2



The sad truth is that I am unprepared to provide enough light to get them over the next few weeks until it’s time to go into the garden.  It’s not that I have so many but there are way too many to nurse along until the plant swap the first week in June.  You know it seems like there ought to be a market for tomato transplants this far along but most are heirlooms and don’t have the guarantees to withstand the plant diseases that may come their way. 

there ought to be a law


Watercolors in Toronto

Here we go again—-cold, wet, and windy weather just when we need a break from mother nature in order to get the boat launched this spring.  April has been unrelentingly chill and blustery.  This has not been ideal conditions to clean the bottom, paint it with anti fouling paint and in addition clean the hull and apply the poly glow that protects the gel coat.  So——we need these laws to insure a smooth ‘sail’ from land to water.
Since KP is back in the work force there should be at least 2 consecutive weekends with temps in the 50’s -60’s with no wind in order to ge t the paint and poly glow applied.
There should be no need to mow the grass until after the boat is launched.
All home or work projects must be delayed until after Water Colors is at the dock.
Why are there so many overlapping “must do’s” in April and May? It really doesn’t seem to matter whether we are retired or gainfully employed.  We are always behind the power curve.

April 17th

It’s snowing . Sigh.

oh boy GBBD again

There has been a lot going on here in Rochester NY.   But here we are at April’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day sponsored by  Carol at May Dreams Garden. there are daffodils blooming their socks off, an occasional violet popping up in the grass. The drama is watching the rhubarb appear and evolve from nubbins to  the emergence of very wrinkled leaves to the promise of full flown stalks and leaves.

stage 2

the rhubarb progresses

My very favorite blooms right  about now are those in the blue/violet shades. Later in the spring this would include some wonderful Delphinium. ( If only I had some). But right now they are represented by Pulminaria and a member of the  borage family. (help Remy).

Borage family



warmness in western NYS

Finally a great weekend here Ra-cha-cha.

No rain, little wind and halfway decent spring temps for 3—count them three days in early April. We had an opportunity to prepare and replant the asparagus bed.  Ken also turned over the raised bed we are gonna use for the veggies. I also got a chance to rake out the leaves from the pie garden.  It’s not so easy to do because I want to make sure the mulch laid down last year doesn’t get raked away.

 In addition I raked over the patch of grass that  gets snow burn every year.  It always comes around but what a pain to rake away all the dried grasses.


raking it all away