Jeez, seeing anything that might be considered a blossom outside in the garden has been a real bust this month. There’s something discouraging about a near constant covering of snow that makes the search futile.  But today I wandered out in the backyard to check out a couple of ducks that have been hanging around (they are way off the beaten path here in dry suburbia) and I spotted a tiny nubbin or two of color.

Nubbins of rhubarb


Aren’t they sweet? So then I decided to document the promise of daffodils in the front yard.


They are not quite yellow but still——- I hear that the northeast is slated for another 6-10 inches of wet heavy snow in the next 24-48 hrs. the storm is not supposed to range this far west but all bets are off.

Today seemed like the day to do a little faux tomato transplanting.  When i planted the seeds I filled plastic 16oz drink cups just a bit more than half full with seed starter.  They got bottom heat, and light from the right kind of stick bulbs.  Most of them are now about 2-3 inches tall and  kind of gangly.  So I added more seed starter to each seedling.  My thinking is that the plants will be likely to grow roots along the naked stem between the soil and leaves, much like a more mature plant will respond when transplanted to the garden. i did a version of this last year and although the new plants were kind of puny (due to other factors) this process seemed to help them along. Also this year I’m keeping the bottom heat going much longer than usual and I think the roots are more promising.

roots show thru the plastic

Here’s a view of one of the flats.

A flat of hope

Next up——–These guys are gonna need some wind to toughen them up——but when?