Finally there’s been a break from the snow flakes and a break from any other kind of precipitation. Last Thursday was warm enough and dry enough to actually get out in the yard and LOOK to see if any plant had begun its return from the chill of winter. I’m glad to report all sorts of bulbs and perennials are showing definite signs of life. Besides there were many geese high overhead flying in Vs heading north.  I  got a burst of ambition and raked away leaves from along the south fence line and planted grass seed there and around the tree garden. I’m hoping that as the  soil warms and the frost melts the seed will get enough moisture and sunshine to sprout without having to worry about watering this early in the year.

I’ve been reading some of the blogs posted on the latest Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. I am amazed at the differences in when the plants make their appearance from one zone to the next. I just haven’t given it much thought. It’s tough not to be envious of gardeners in the near south enjoying the daffs and crocus while I struggle to see any sign of green until St Pat’s Day.

Inside the tomato seedlings and the forced forsythia are coming right along. The tomatoes are getting their first true leaves and last week’s white fly crisis seem s a thing of the past.

Intro to spring