because last year’s seedlings were so lame and because I’m sick to death of cold and snow and winter AND just because; I started my tomato seeds today. This year I made sure that the seed starting soil was moist enough to begin with and I did the planting upstairs in the warmth and coziness of the craft room.

I ordered 7 different varieties of tomatoes: Black Cherry, Current, Grub’s MysteryGreen, Humph, Prudens Purple, San Marsano 2, and Pork Chop.  I ordered from Remy’s Sample Seed Shop and she sent 2 bonus varieties: Fantome du Laos and Goose Creek.

SO—-I ended up sowing 5 pots of each variety because I have very limited space  and ultimately very limited need for multiples of each. This year I invested in a couple more lights and another bottom heater.  I’ll still have to shift the flats each day to make sure each gets enough bottom heat but after the seeds have germinated there will be enough illumination to make sure each flat gets enough light. 

An issue I had not anticipated is how to make sure there’s enough power source for the lights, heaters and eventually a fan to whip those little plantlings  into sturdy specimens.  DH is in charge.

Meanwhile here’s a look at the Amaryllis I got for Christmas.  It bloomed twice.  The second time I could really see the pink and green of the ‘Apple Blossom’.

apple blossom Amaryllis