progress Day 16

 So here’ s the Ziva on day 16.  These 6 bulbs were already sprouted when I bought them.  They developed roots very quickly and within a week I exchanged the water for a 5% alcohol solution.

Zivz day 20


Four days later—wow blossoms!

Height measurement

 It seems like this might be about the tallest it will get.    The expected height for Ziva is 18-20 inches!

Ziva day 25---Yummy!


Inbal and Ziva day 25


Both were started on the same day. However,  Ziva had already sprouted in the box while Inbal for the most part lagged behind. In addition 2 of the Inbal bulbs did not sprout any roots.

I’ll post a picture of the final height of the Inbal as it progresses.

I am just so excited about this method of forcing the paperwhites.  It  is such a joy to have these harbingers of spring here my home spreading their greenness, scent, and vibrancy to the stasis of January. And hey, they are not falling all over themselves.