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a garden blanket

It’s finally true.  gardening 2010 is at an end here in Rochester NY.  We have had so much snow fall in the last 10 days that I’ve lost track of the current count.  It’s of some consolation that the snow is providing an insulating blanket for the perennials and shrubs.

The Thanksgiving cactus has long since bloomed its last bloom and I have yet to start an Amaryllis or bought a Poinsettia for the holidays.  It’s all for the best.  I can breathe a sigh of relief and tend to all the chores I’ve let slide. By the way, this is the first holiday season in two years that I have not been recovering from some sort of orthopedic surgery. (No falls in the last year!) Check out the first siege of snow.

Mower replacement



There was a party and

I served endive boats as an appetizer. Yum! Plus there are more for the rest of the year. Will I grow the endive next year? Probably not but it was an interesting process for sure.