I’m so far behind in posting about the endive.  I dug them a couple of weeks ago when the weather forecast predicted no rain for 3-4 days.  On the fourth day I spent all of 10 minutes removing the spent leaves to ready the roots for their seasoning. Then I finally hit upon a solution for storing them until I’m ready to force them.

the container

I spotted an all cotton bath rug headed for donation in addition to the perfect sized plastic bin for the job.  So I layered a plastic bag ,half of the rug dampened with water, the other half of the rug dry,  the endive roots, more  dry rug on top and a covering of

rug wrap

all wrapped up

plastic bag.  The optimum temps are supposed to be in the upper thirties so I’ve probably shot myself in the foot here but I’ll continue to monitor for slime and mold etc. until I’m ready to ‘force’ the issue.