Riger begonia with red-orange lantana and creeping coleus

end of season

In the last week we’ve had 3 plus inches of rain so there’s been a halt in fall chores in the garden.  I’ve been fretting over having to shut down the garden while there are still container plants hanging in there. This morning I realized that I need not do much of anything to those containers that have annuals still blooming. Eventually the weather will turn cooler, there will be a frost and then a freeze and then those annuals will be kaput. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy. The only container I need to attend to is the one with the perennial May Night and a coral Lantana.  I want to transplant the May Night into the garden in time to give it a chance to settle in before a hard freeze. Mission accomplished today.

Salvia May Night with yellow and coral lantana


Yesterday I visited with DD to catch up on the trials and tribulations of the grandsons.  Yikes, It’s a soap opera!!!   While I was there I took advantage of the visit and cut some thinner branches of her Japanese Maples in hopes of rooting the cuttings. I haven’t a clue as to whether this is something that is even remotely possible.  It costs nothing to try.  In addition I cut some branches from the smoke tree that I bought last week.  I’m hedging my bets in case the tree doesn’t make it.