I went out today to transplant the rose mallow into the sunshine and ended up moving and removing more than I’d planned.  I am so very fortunate to have such sandy soil to contend with. Sure I have to sidedress and amend endlessly.  But when it comes to digging in this sandy soil, even a senior citizen can do it.

So I moved the rose mallow and phlox ‘David’.  I thinned the Monarda and dug out 2 clumps of Campanula

There's lots more where these come from

.  I attempted to move the Baptisia and found that the roots were way bigger than I anticipated so I left it in place.  It’s a problem because so many other shrubs and perennials are set to elbow the Baptisia out-of-place.

Meanwhile as I cut back some ‘Walkers Low’ in the back raised bed, I noticed  scallions in the area I had put  onion sets. Apparently both the chippies and I overlooked them.  They  bided their time and threw up some new growth during this cooler time in the  garden. It remains to be seen if they survive to produce SOMETHING edible before the snow flies.