Mostly about whether to transplant some of my perennials now or in the spring.  This is zone 6 and I’m wondering about the Baptisia.  It’s slow to break dormancy in the spring and apparently does not take to a move with any alacrity. However it needs to be relocated to a sunnier place in the garden. 

rose mallow '09

 Next is the rose mallow. Although it blooms in its current location, I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t do better with a lot more sun.  Is now the time to relocate or should I wait til spring?  Next,, I don’t know about the seedlings of the rose campion.  I’m planning a major reconfiguration of the surrounding landscape and questioning if it’s too late to transplant the seedlings.

Moving on to hardwood cuttings—-I have a rather detailed instruction on constructing a “cold frame”  “greenhouse” arrangement for the cuttings involving an aquarium and a mini cold frame to root them. Whats wrong with the old-fashioned idea of a mason jar???? Huh???

So I’m at a stand still except for putting in new bulbs and keeping up with the autumn upkeep of the garden.