I love the variety

But first let’s talk tomatoes. What an unusual tomato season here on Lynette Dr. Sept has definitely been my harvest month.  Last week I picked enough San Marsanos for a batch of sauce to serve with fresh linguine. The tomatoes were easily peeled and chopped and very meaty. The taste was wonderful. But since I seldom ever do pasta sauce entirely from scratch I can’t honestly say that the taste is actually any different from a hybrid plum tomato.  It doesn’t matter  since the yield was excellent and both vines and fruits behaved themselves. I will plant this variety again.

The heirloom tomatoes did not fare so well. Of  the three heirloom varieties (Green Zebra, Caro Riche, and Box-Car-Willie) only the zebra produced and ripened more than 2 (THAT’S RIGHT TWO) fruits the entire season.  Nuts to that.  Back to the Italian heirloom of two years ago. In addition I hope to order some of the winning tomatoes from Remi at her seed sample shop.

AS for the lack of posts last week, I got caught up in a reading marathon because I stumbled upon the latest Jonathan Franzen novel, Freedom, at my neighborhood library branch. (This was 3 days before Oprah announced it as her current book club recommendation.) I took it out on a One Week Express basis and struggled to get it read in seven days. Sheesh, I’ve become an elder reader.  How lame.  Needless to say nothing much happened as far as my accomplishing anything in the garden.  As another aside I’m currently reading James Patterson’s Sail. It’s kind of like going from a Franzen PhD seminar back to preschool. (Lest I come off like a real elitist, Freedom literally kicked my butt.)

So enough with all the reasons I haven’t been in garden very much. I will confess to finally going to the Garden Factory and snagging a Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree for $12. It’s looking a little ragged. But since my fallback position was to beg strangers for cuttings off their trees to try to root; I think it was a bargooooon.   

To summarise the last 10 days or so in the garden: I planted the garlic, cut back the Iris, transplanted a burning bush, a holly,  a variegated hydrangea, a coral bell and took some cuttings from the roses at GYC.

The originals

under the glass


Hopefully I’ll be able to state without hesitation whether I was completely successful in rooting the variety I expected.