Well , at last I have tomatoes I can harvest and enjoy. Sadly the heirlooms I chose in February are rather lackluster.  I’ve decided it’s time to choose from the several I’ve tried in the past and loved and grow them each year. One thing for sure, I will always include ‘Fantastic Hybrid’ in any future selection. 

Fantastic hybrids


  I chose it because DH wanted ‘red’ tomatoes only.(He’s a very conservative tomato eater.)  However it’s a wonderful tasting and reliable producer. So what’s not to love? 

Every morning,even these too chilly early September morns, Ernie and I venture into the pie garden and I select tiny grape tomatoes for his dining pleasure. 

grape goodies


Meanwhile I survey the bigger tomatoes to see how many I can pick for the day’s enjoyment. 

I marvel at the  San Marsanos.They are very prolific  and  are famed for their deliciousness as sauce tomatoes. Although I have only a whopping two bushes, I hope to at least make one batch of sauce.  It remains to be ‘tasted’ whether that batch measures up to the volcanic grown tomatoes of  Italy. 

San Marsanos, bottom right