I’ve not blogged in a few days mainly because there has finally been a change in the weather so that I can get into the garden and do some of the tasks I have put on the back burner while hazy, hot and HUMID dominated the weather here in Rochester.  There was no way this OB(old bird) could spread all that mulch in such hot weather. For one, I’m not one to get going early in the day and  I really hate walking in the lawn in the heavy morning dew. UGH.  Anyhow, I’m proud to report that I have scooped, toted and spread all of the mulch delivered way back in May (or was it June?)

I really had lost confidence that I could accomplish the job.  All my orthopedic mishaps have come home to roost in the past 6-8 months and I have truly been feeling every bit the old bird.  But it turns out that a simple change in the weather-most notably the humidity and I can still accomplish some of those heavier gardening tasks.

  However,  the real change in attitude comes with the realization that my gardening blogs have become a litany of disasters. Well of course, all these little setbacks are meant to keep me humble but maybe for a minute I could dwell on the joys of the garden. The green beans have been such an ego boost!  Wow! look at those beans producing, producing, and producing.  And wow! The nonstop basil allows me to make pesto up the wa-zoo.  Sure my tomatoes are SLOW.  But they are healthy except for a bit of early blight.  So the tomato extravaganza WILL be delayed this year. However it’s all part of the  learning process. ( I’m still trying to figure out why this crop is so darned late.)

One thing for sure is that we will have a pro come in and trim the Norway Maple in the backyard.  If  he can  raise the canopy enough to increase the sunshine, it will be worth every penny. The tree guy will be coming in the next couple of weeks to tackle that project. Also on the plus side we’ll have a few less leaves to rake(blow) this autumn.   

The delight of August is that there are some perennials just setting their blossoms.  Although there are other flowers blooming, these newbies are so fresh and exuberant that it is just a joy to see them spring up. The giant  red rose mallow is such a wonder.

rose mallow '09

It sure is a beauty! Soon to come is the perennial anemone and Caryopteris ‘Dark Knight’. 

My current love is the hanging basket of Million Bells ‘Crackling Fire’  that my kids got me for Mother’s Day.  I know, why get all fuzzy about a plant that has been ‘hanging’ around since Cinco ‘de Mayo?  Well, maybe it’s the fact that it almost bit the bullet during our vacation.  When we got back that sucker looked to be on its last legs.  But I resuscitated it with lots of water and fertilizers and much to my delight it bounced WAY back.  Here  it is, the center of attention from all different angles——plus a couple of shots of the containers on the patio.