Kentucky Wonders

Here’s how they began in late May.  I gave them their own private little garden enriched with aged manure and the best garden soil money could buy (right).  I built this pleasant little space in a round 2 ft deep tub normally used for water gardens. I know I want to use these tubs to extend my garden space but I bought this a little later than I planned and decided to put the beans in it for this year.

As I wrapped my dim plan around the task at hand I neglected a very important concept.  If the tub was to be used for gardening, whatever the crop, it would have to have drainage holes.  BUT I MIGHT use it for a bog garden/water feature.  Back and forth…which one???? until I just dug a hole filled it as described and planted the Kentucky Wonders.  Here’s the result after the poor bean plants drowned while we were cruising.

Yuk! What a mess.

Sludge, anyone?

This post is a note to self.    Don’t, DON’T,  DON’T