canner at the ready

Today is dilly bean day.  I collected the beans, trimmed them to size, washed them, gathered garlic, dill, canning salt, and vinegar. Yesterday was shopping day.  I needed a new canner, jars, jar lifters and lid magnet. Check, check, check.

After I washed the jars and lids and prepared the brine I brought the new canner in from the garage, peeled the sticker off of  it and read: ‘Do not use on glass stove tops.’  WHAT????   Do NOT use on glass stove tops. Sooooo…..I prepared the beans anyway.  I figure I can refrigerate them without harm to self or others. As the filled jars cooled they all snapped to indicate a seal.   Nah….I’ll refrigerate them anyway.  The flavors will have to build for a couple of weeks before a taste test.

Dilly beans 2010