I was really looking forward to my return to the garden after our cruising vacation and was sure I would find vines just loaded with ripening cukes, tomatoes and beans.  

Imagine my disappointment on finding little to crow about. Even though I have been gathering scads of the bush beans in the last 3-4 days and the tomato vines are dense and have a few cherry and grape tomatoes turning I have yet to pick a fully ripe regular sized tomato.   

The cukes are the real puzzle. There have been bright yellow blossoms on the two vines for at least the last month.  I had visions of at least a peck of those beauties waiting for my arrival back home. Instead,, this is what I came home to.  

Cuke in the making This looks a little more promising


I have a theory…….I planted the cukes in the same raised bed that has three ‘Walker’s Low’ plants awaiting a place in the revamped back bed.  These babies are bee magnets.  Just before I left for the cruise I finally got around to cutting them back for a second round of blossoms.  So…..I think that the bees were interested only in those perennials until I removed the flowers.  Then they ‘found’ the cukes and at last the plants are doing what they are supposed to do.   

All this concern over two cuke vines….sheesh….what would I be doing if this was a truck farm??????? Just one more report.  I did manage to harvest some basil and churn out some yummy pesto.  I used the lettuce leaf basil and added some of the Thai basil for a little more zip.  

lettuce leaf and Thai basil