There are two issues I didn’t explore during our cruise.  The first is keeping fresh veggies fresh in an icebox.  Over the past 10 years or so I have yet to find a way to keep fresh lettuce or scallions or celery or fruit viable over more than 2 days of cruising. The axillary is that during a time of abundance ashore we are saddled with canned veggies.  What a bummer. So if anyone has some hints please post.  Tonight on our second evening meal here at home we had an all veggie meal to catch up with the bounty available.

The other issue is about females at the helm. Since we began sailing I’ve been plagued with various and sundry orthopedic problems that makes it difficult if not impossible for me to go forward on the boat to handle lines or raise the mainsail.

So Ken and I have reversed roles a bit.  I am at the helm coming in or going out of port;  and coming into a slip backward and forward. Meanwhile he handles the lines, sets the sails and places the fenders.  We have worked on my skills at backing the boat in or out of the slip and  being helmsperson while Ken deals with the tasks forward.

Thank goodness for this.  Otherwise we would have had to stop sailing altogether long ago.. So for those who would judge Ken as caving to whatever they believe is  whipped….PHFFT!!!!