Yesterday we did something we’ve never attempted before. We sailed directly home from the eastern Canadian shore.  It seemed like the best decision we could make in light of the fact that there appeared to be only an hour and a half difference between sailing to Rochester and sailing to Sodus Bay.  However, this morning I rechecked the chart and saw that there is a  3 hours difference between the two. AND the total time from Collins Bay is 15 hrs. at 5 knots/hr. So I guess we were lucky to make it in only 14 hr.  Coming into the river at 10pm is no picnic either.  We never sail at night so really didn’t know what the moonscape would look like.

We were so tired that we spent last night aboard Water Colors and got up  fresh to disembark completely even to the point of sweeping up and washing the galley floor. (Sounds impressive, right?  The galley floor is 2 X 3 and I wiped it down with a paper towel.) Ken will go back to wash down the outside of the boat and then we’ll be ready for our next cruise.

This trip was remarkable in many respects. First and foremost was the weather and the sailing. Except for the last sail to Rochester we did way more sailing than motoring.  The weather was so nice that neither of us wore anything other than shorts and a tee-shirt.  But by far THE most distinguishing feature of this cruise WAS that there were NO ‘FLY’ DAYS!!!!!!!! Where were those maddening pests?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  May every sail be blessed with their absence. Next up is a club weekend cruise to the East I think.  Until then ‘Fair winds and calm seas’.