We talked it up and down and out- i.e. how to proceed from Belleville.  Going west our choices are limited to long hauls from the Bay of Quinte out into Lake Ontario proper and home; or west along the Canadian shore to Cobourg and THEN the long trip home. To do either requires making a decision with no way of observing the lake conditions until after we are committed.

SO we opted to turn around and retrace our steps.  We’ll spend a little more time on the water all the while hoping for an uneventful sail home.  Tuesday was the trip from Belleville to Picton. The winds were light until we were in sight of the cement plant just outside Picton Harbor.  Then they whipped up to 22 knots on the nose………Sailors start your engines………

Wednesday, yesterday, we went along Adolphus Reach planning to turn south at the Upper Gap and run on into Wapoos around Creesy Point.

Brother!  When we hit that gap there were winds 12-20 knots  and waves 3-4 ft. both on the nose………..No thank you……We turned our wimpy selves around and continued our downwind  run to Collins Bay.  Which, by the way,  was great !!!! We hit an all time speed record for Water Colors, sliding along the crest of a wave at 8.5 knots!

We no sooner got settled here in Collins Bay and a huge thunderstorm passed through. Thank goodness we were tied snuggly up to this dock eating our wimpy burgers.

The rough seas will continue out on the lake today so we’ll layover here and head back to the states tomorrow.