We left the USA today for the Canadian Shore of Lake Ontario.  It was to be the longest leg of our cruise so far. I truly love to make our way across this expanse of the lake.  The winds are usually brisk and unfortunately the waves can knock us on our butts. Today we encountered both the good and bad.

It took us almost 2 hours to get out of Chaumont Bay. The winds were very flukey and early in the day we tend to have more patience with just ghosting along the shore and soaking up the peace and beauty. As I say that lasted about 2 hrs.  Then as we turned to cross the upper reaches of the lake,  the wind and waves conspired against us; so we started the ‘iron genny’ (the engine) and began to make our way toward Kingston, Ont. It was the same roly ride we’ve had for most of this trip and Ernie was miserable. However, within an hour the wind shifted and we were able to sail  in a direction that was more smooth. So we shut engine down.

From then on we could sail to our heart’s content…..except….we had to dodge the shoals in that particular section of the lake and still hold to our course of sail.  Actually this is the part I love the best.  It’s like trying to figure out a giant puzzle. we look at the surrounding lake and consult the charts.  Ken tends to rely on the GPS but it doesn’t give the full picture. I must have been up and down the companion-way 2 dozen times looking at the chart. And we had  heated ‘discussions’ about what was the best path to follow.  Luckily the sailing itself was spectacular so we could indulge in some fun bickering.

And so we are here at Portsmouth Olympic Harbor. I can finally step off the boat independently.  Ken reports that a walk will take us on an interesting path through a fenced park and a covered walkway to observe the harbor in all its glory…….Tomorrow…for sure.