We took a break yesterday and stayed an extra day at Henderson Harbor Yacht Club. The spot is truly tranquil. Most of the private land seems to be vacation homes and maybe some parks.  The club itself is well maintained and members are welcoming. Tuesday evening there is a potluck dinner that visitors are invited to attend.

Most of morning Ken worked on various electrical problems he wanted to update, change or fix. I worked a bit in the galley getting the ice-melt out of the fridge. Then I caught up on some of that reading.

Our original dock here was such that the first step off was way too high for me to negotiate. So I was stuck on-board the boat most of the morning. We finally moved over to their fixed dock  so I could stroll around.

So what to do? It’s always a pleasure to watch the junior sailors at yacht clubs around the lake.  The kids have such confidence in their skills. Even the youngest in the Optis can handle some complicated maneuvers single-handedly. Two of my grandsons gave lessons a try but decided fairly quickly that sailing was not for them. Darn, we were counting on them for crew!

So tomorrow (Wednesday) we continue on our journey; destination yet to be determined.