We decided on a short hop over to Chaumont Bay and Crescent Yacht Club.  this club is perported to be one of the oldest in the USA. The trip over took us about 4 hours. We sailed with just the  foresail. the winds were steady out of the south and at our backs at 12-15 knots the entire trip.  So too were those pesky waves. We had to steer a very steady course in order not to roll around too much.

Once here the winds continued and picked up velocity and dark clouds built up to our north and west and then within a minute the winds ceased and it began to rain. Eventually it turned into a regular summer thunder storm and lasted a couple of hours. then as quickly as the south winds had died they returned. ………

So that’s what we sailors do. We watch the weather.  We read the land weather predictions and listen to NOOA for marine forecasts.  It is NOT any fun at all to get caught on the lake in a storm!  However it’s not enough to rely on all the predictions or even rely on what’s happening in your own backyard.  The only way to know is to go….and if its too gnarly, return to the dock.

We are off to Kingston tomorrow and hope to try out a different marina called Portsmouth Olympic Harbor. It’s kind of on the outskirts of Kingston proper and if we really want to spend any time in the city we can take a taxi.  Here’s hoping too that CORC regatta races aren’t going on this week.

finally we’ll be in Canada.