we are two days into our annual cruise around Lake Ontario. this year we elected to sail to the east end of the lake and then north to the Canadian shore. We’ll visit some old haunts and maybe some new Yacht clubs and marinas along the way.

So the last two days have been fairly easy sailing with  rolling waves on our port quarter and decent winds.  However today those waves were 3-5 footers and we needed to head in a direction that them breaking under us as we slipped down in the troughs.

poor Ernie was a mess. He gets seasick and panicky at the same time. He literally spent nearly four hours panting and shivering. I gave him Benadryl with some lunch meat and that stabilized him for a while but then a wave sent a shower over our port beam and he was off again-panting and shaking and shivering to beat the band.

Last night we docked at Sodus Bay Yacht Club. This berth is notorious far and wide across the lake for a rock and roll experience dockside.  the boat bobs up and down and side to side.  meanwhile the floating docks bob side to side and up and down. all this movement is rarely coordinated and its easy to be seasick on the dock.  The upside is that it’s a free nite due to reciprocal agreements between yacht clubs.  SBYC has made several improvements to their club grounds and junior sailing facilities since we last visited and the effect is delightful.  Now if only they would install a breakwall to lessen the chop dockside. 

Tonight and perhaps tomorrow night we’ll stay here at Oswego International Marina.  all sailing plans depend on the weather and increasingly on whether Ken and I need respite before we continue on our way.