After a week of hazy, hot , and humid yesterday we had a break in the weather accompanied by a soaking rain.  The rain gauges here in the garden averaged 2.5 in.  So today was the first time in over a week I’ve been able to work in the garden without suffering from heat stroke.

I meant to go to Jay’s for the garden walk sponsored by the Rochester Civic Garden group.  They’ve been working flat-out for the past month in preparation for today.  I was there last Thursday helping with spreading mulch and they were beginning to see some day light. I know it turned out great and I’ll stop by in the next day or two to see the finishing touches. 

So today I was able to tackle the weeding, deadheading and cut backs in the back garden.  Ken helped by pruning the rampant growth overflowing from the neighbor’s property. There’s lots of sassafras, and mulberry running amok just beyond our fence.  All we can do is trim back the over growth and hope for the best.  It’s one of the drawbacks of suburban gardening.