I remember being so pleased with the onions I planted this year. I put sets in for both scallions and slicing and Beryl gave me seedlings to plant for slicing too. Now in July the scallions/green onions have all been harvested and the other sets planted for slicing look like this:  

onions 'Broken over'


Very few of the sets actually bulbed. Turns out that if they break over like this they will never form a bulb. The essential nutrients and sugars produced in the green stalks are not available to the sets and they don’t bulb up.   

Trouble is I don’t know why they flopped over like this. There are different varieties of onions; some of which are suited to grow in the south and others here in the north. I bought just yellow and purple sets and don’t remember any indication of whether they were short day(southern) or long day(northern). It’s also better to buy the seedlings in bundles for the slicing onions. The seedlings Beryl gave me went into a kind of shady bed and more than half of them got nibbled away. Here’s what’s left:  

onion seedlings


 So this lesson learned. I wonder what will happen to the veggies yet to come.  

Cukes are blooming


neat rows of Belgian Endive


Kentucky Wonders


Bush beans