Gardening is beginning to take a back seat to sailing as the season picks up.  We went on a club cruise to Brockport Yacht Club this past weekend.  BYC is the closest yacht club destination to the west of Rochester.  The folks there are friendly and in truth they are probably our neighbors, so close is their club to ours. I think it’s about 14 miles west of us on the coast of Lake Ontario.
By my count 11 sailboats made their way west to BYC over the 2-3 days of June 24 – 26.  We made our plans during the depths of winter while our boats were on the hard and we were dreaming of the fair winds and warm breezes of the coming season.  Our plan was to not only to sail from our club to theirs but to carry a feast of hot dogs supreme as a token of our thanks for Brockport Yacht Club’s hospitality.

Those of you who know sailors know that every participant has a story that will be told to any and all club members who happens by.  Our group is no exception. From the guys who hoped to get a head start on Thursday and encountered engine problems to the folks who brought up the rear on our return Sunday afternoon there are stories to tell and dramas galore.
But first we partied and schmoozed. BYC has a bunch of friendly folks who welcomed us and partied with us.  We had a great cocktail celebration followed by an extraordinary hot dog feast with dishes to pass and wonderful desserts.  Then as if that were not enough there was a bonfire on the beach overlooking Lake Ontario.
Sunday morning was hazy and warm with somewhat of a breeze out of the northeast. In others words an invitation to set sail early.  We were first off on Watercolors with others following close behind. The first sad tale is about Steve and Nancy Piquet’s Lit’l Bo.  It lost oil pressure in the channel and was towed by Moonstruck back to BYC to await repair.
Meanwhile, Gnadige Frau motor-sailed past Water Colors on their fast journey back to Rochester.  Their course was interrupted by a collision with an unmarked obstacle near Rosy’s beach. It knocked Gretchen’s chocolate milk across the pristine cockpit of that Island Packet. And BTW it also wrenched the hook off the clew of his roller furled main which required herculean efforts to put to rights.

 For Pete’s sake this is really getting long-winded.  There are other less dramatic tales to tell.  Mighty J made its first cruise with the club.  Cadence made its first cruise ever. They soldiered on Saturday in an open cockpit in the wet.  Congrats to them both as they’re still smiling.




  White Bird is a new White Bird to Joanne and Ralph so it must have great fun to make this journey.
As I said in the beginning each of us has a tale to tell. The folks I’ve singled out have reason to tell their story in detail.  The rest of us can recall this trip using their stories as a road map to our individual memories.

best buds

Bob looks great in purple

Ralph-what a smile