ernie at 13 wks.


Ernie my 8 yr old Schnoodle is my constant companion in the garden. Each morning we venture out for an ‘inspection’ and once I’ve decided what I’m gonna be doing he either ‘helps’ or pursues his own interests while I toil.   

His primary interest seems to be sniffing out some delectable something and then proceeding to an ecstatic roll in whatever it happens to be.  But he does keep a keen lookout at where I might be.  He really wants a hand out of some newly sprouted green morsel I might decide (Cave) to let him taste.  So far his favs have been tender shoots of asparagus and  the messy spring snap peas.  I’ve had to fence the asparagus bed and watch him like a hawk around the peas.   

in the 'pie' garden when it was a pool


Right now he is in his glory because of the ripening mulberries on my neighbors’ trees.  They over hang the fence and he can forage to his heart’s content as the wind and the birds scatter berries along the back of our lot. There’s more in store for Ernie as beans sprout and ripen and cherry tomatoes appear like magic to be harvested when I’m not looking.