The flush of new growth is waning and it’s time to either relax or get serious. This last week I kinda relaxed.  Truth to tell I got sick of spreading mulch and stymied by the specter of creating new beds both in the front yard and in the back.  But in the last couple of days I started in on a couple of tasks.    

Right now I want to focus on the Campanula for a minute. The ones in the back bed (C. perisicifolia) are beginning to be thug-like. They have spread willy-nilly and perhaps I have helped them along the way by transplanting them throughout that bed. When I had fewer of them I could deadhead them and have some color on them all summer.  Now it’s just easier to cut them back after they have flopped.   

Campanula 2010


I do have other varieties of camps.  There is C. punctata Cherry Bells.    

cherry bells

CB in a vase


 It grows lower and tends to produce blooms well into July and a bit of August.  It also is really nice in an arrangement.   

Ive got a clump of ‘blue clips’ as well.  They’ve been hidden by a prolific perennial geranium and flop almost immediately upon blooming  I decided this year to transplant it to the side bed.  It appears to have survived the move but boy what a lazy mess.   

'blue clips' after transplant


I got one other variety, C. glommera, at the plant swap.  It’s in the side bed for now.  I hope it takes off’ because t’would be great to have a burst of purple right outside the office window.   

C. glomerata