I’m fairly new to roses. When we first moved into this house we got Ernie as a puppy.  He managed to actually chomp the first 4-5 roses to death.  The only one to survive was a ‘Our Lady of Guadeloupe’. Since then I added  a ‘Tuscan Sun’ and ‘Teasing Georgia’ ( an Austin type). Oh, there is also a white climber I placed near the Wisteria that has been limping along.  

For the last couple of years I’ve also been experimenting with rose cuttings.  So far there are 4 that have rooted and bloomed. The first two I transferred to the main garden.  

yellow 2 year old


  Last year’s 2 cuttings are still in one of the raised beds.  I’ll keep them there until next spring and see if they can move on.  

I’m wondering about the Austin-like rose.  I love each individual rose but they droop so badly.  In order to enjoy their beauty I have turn the rose up into the sun. What’s up with that?  

gorgeous but heavy


Tuscan Sun is really a beaut but for some reason I neglected to cut the roses back last fall and this one is almost 5 ft. tall.  Beautiful but 5 ft.   

Tuscan Sun