Ken and I finally got ourselves together, gathered up the remaining boat gear, prepared a lunch, leashed Ernie and went down to Shumway prepared to finally,  finaLLY, FINALLY take Watercolors on the all important shakedown cruise.

We got everything on board while noting that the wind was about 5 knots out of the northeast and that there was a moderate surge rocking the boats in the marina. We proceeded to get our stuff on board, stowed and have lunch.  (We get cranky when deprived of sustenance for long stretches of time-say 3 hrs.)

We were both thinking the same thing—- what are the seas like beyond the pier?  Doug and Donna came by and reported the water on the lake seemed  ‘lumpy’ as they drove in from Hilton along the Parkway.  UH OH.  As far as we are concerned the worst case scenario on Lake Ontario is lumpy seas and light winds. It makes for a very roly-poly ride. 

We have been subjected too many times to these conditions without a choice but to soldier on.  Not today.  No matter how anxious we are to get on with it we did not want to set sail.  Sooooo,  We cleaned.  Duh.  This is usually something we set aside for those days on a cruise around the lake when NOTHING else is going on.

So—old, lame or experienced the result is the same—-a day at the dock aboard Watercolors—-next to–The Taj Mahal.