Brother, sometimes I just cannot believe my own blunders.  The peas are a mess.

When I ordered seeds this spring I thought the caption for the snap peas said the variety I chose were a bush type of pea than do not need to be staked.  So I put in one row of snap peas to climb up the poles and another couple of rows of the new type of ‘bush’ peas. Well as they grew I wondered how come this bush pea still had the tendrils like the pole variety.  But they were just enough different that I thought ‘wait and see’. 

Then I finally reread the package and OF COURSE it says: grows to 2 1/2 ft. and will benefit from staking. So I pulled out some leftover short wire fence and plopped it in the middle of the mess.  Lo and behold, there are enough ripe peas for tonight’s supper.

All this aggravation because each raised bed has 4-6 inches of rock from around the above-ground-pool that I didn’t want to cart away when we built the beds.  The plants do OK with the rocks there but it’s just about impossible to put any stakes into the beds.