Before the rain set in today I got a chance to continue transplanting the flowers I brought home from the swap. Yesterday I put in the deep purple lilac bush along the back fence. (I also transplanted one of the lilacs I got from Jay several years ago in the same area).  I plan to keep the Campanula in front of these bushes where they are and eliminate some of the ones to the north of that area. Here’s what it looks like now.    

Campanula 2010



Yes they flop. But they continue to send up new blossoms til late summer. I’m debating whether it’s worth the money to invest in rings to keep them upright?    

Anywoo—today I put in the feverfew from EJ, the Campanula glomerlata from Brenda, the blackberry lily from Jerry, and the lime colored hyssop. I actually shovel pruned a perennial geranium that was past its prime. I put a piece of the geranium Rosanne behind that hyssop. The hyssop is really tiny seedlings, so there’s time to evaluate the effect.