Looks like its gonna rain all day so I can catch up on this blog and plan how to distribute all that mulch. 

But first about the plant swap last Sunday.  Tara started hosting this swap 7 years ago! She invited the folks she had met via the Upstate New York forum on Gardenweb.  Gardeners come from all over mostly Western New York and have a variety of experience and knowledge about gardening. 

Jerry & Remy discuss


First we swap, then we eat(dish to pass), then those who want to participate in a Yankee Swap of garden themed gifts. This year Tara expected 40 people but the torrential rains kept the attendance down to about 20. Luckily the weather cleared enough to be comfortable and the swap proceeded without a hitch. 

One of the delights of the day is getting to check out Tara’s gardens. She has the magic touch.  Her landscaping is wonderful and the plants seem to thrive in their environment.