I spent Friday with the ladies who lunch. Meanwhile Ken was purchasing a new toy to clean everything we own. He proceeded to attack the back patio with the new power washer.  

The beast


what a difference!


In the garden the Campanula literally burst into bloom.  Hopefully there won’t be a violent windstorm to destroy them immediately.  They must love this sandy soil. They have really proliferated over the years.  

Campanula 2010


Saturday we visited with neighbors and played dominoes in the evening so just had time to make a 3 bean salad and grab a gift at Van Putte’s.  

Sunday was the plant swap at Tara’s.  However it was preceded by an early morning deluge.  We had 2.5 inches of rain overnight and it was 56 degrees with wind driven showers-not an auspicious beginning for a day in the garden talking plants. More on the swap later with photos of Tara’s lovely gardens.