this is the real 'Tall Cool One"


"Before the Storm"


May is definitely the month of irises. The first flush of spring blossoms gave way to a more mature stance of all the perennials. Once the threat of frost was past then the tender annuals and of course seeding started. 

volunteer 'annuals'


  Well, as usual, I’m a laggard as far as the annuals go.  except for the containers I rarely get any in before June. 

I finally broke down and put in a couple of blueberry bushes.  They are surviving but still very small.  there won’t be much of a harvest this year. i placed them in front of the porch.  there’s lots of sun and maybe a little protection from the birds. 

dried grape hyacinths


Most of the spring bulbs are gone. The grape hyacinths around the front tree were gorgeous.  How come no ever saves the dried fronds? they make great arrangements and LAST!    

The early April heat pushed all the garden activity up a week or two. I have already cut some English thyme for drying.  It’s really the first year I’ve gotten to it before the blossoms appeared.  

there's lots of thyme


drying already


There has been no appreciable rain for well over a week now.  So today begins the second round of watering.  It’ll take a couple of days to get it done and then more weeding.  I think I’ll start widening the back bed.  Just a little at a time should get it done this season. 

Our first sail of the season takes precedence today. Ken left early this am to put the sails on water colors.  Then He’ll come home for lunch and we go back for that promised sail.