87 degrees at 3pm on the north side of the house in May! Yikes! I’m thrilled that the tomatoes have such optimal conditions to harden off prior to transplant into the garden…..however…. this is the week I had planned to create the container gardens and prepare perennials for the upstate NY garden swap on June 6th. I hate to repot and transplant under these conditions. So far I’ve got the containers done.    

Salvia May Night with yellow and coral lantana


Riger begonia with red-orange lantana and creeping coleus


Isn't this coleus a beauty!


  Of course I’m watering veggie seedlings like crazy. I put in cukes and Thai basil and Belgian Endive and more beets plus peas from a couple of weeks ago; to say nothing of the onion sets and seedlings. I could and probably should blog twice a day during this busy busy week.   

a tiny seed onion from Beryl


red scallions


scallion rows




set further apart to allow room to grow for slicers


I can’t resist showing off a couple more of the irises:    

'Tall Cool One'


'Let's Boogie'









I’ve had both of them several years and this is the first year either has bloomed.