Meanwhile the tomato seedlings are limping along. I planted 8 varieties in jumbo plastic beer mugs on the 15th of April.  I filled the cups about halfway full of sterile seed starter with fertilizer.  Once they had a couple of rounds of true leaves I added more seed starter.   Truthfully there hasn’t been much else different from previous years.  Same lighting, warming strip and same fan blowing to make those stems sturdy. But boy how lame.  Leaves are curling on a couple of varieties and a couple of others (well past the damp off phase) just failed.  The growth can only be described as stunted.  They are outside now hardening off in this burst of warm weather.  There’ll be enough for my meager needs but what disappointment.

Could it be the varieties? All new to me: Prudens purple(curling leaves),Caro Rich, Box Car Willie (doing OK),Green Zebra (oops, I had these before),San Marzano ( the best looking of the bunch, if smallish), Fantastic Hybrid, and Red Alert.  They have about a week before make or break into the garden.